Updated Information

People often change jobs and contact information, so pre-developed contact lists very quickly become outdated. The SOT Market Researcher searches dynamically for all information that changes quickly and hence, the information provided will almost always be totally up-to-date.

Save Time

The SOT Market Researcher speeds up the process of looking for new leads across the world. It presents the collected information in user-friendly overviews that makes it very easy to determine which are relevant companies or not, and the same for contact persons. It also indicates how the information was found and makes it easy for the user to validate the information.


You can download all information that you find via the SOT Market Researcher. It will be downloaded in CSV format which can be opened and edited by any modern tool such as MS Excel.


You can search for companies based on different criteria such as company size, country, industry and keywords. You can then further search into these company profiles for relevant contact persons, based on titles and other keywords. For both contact persons and companies, you can then search for email addresses and phone numbers.

Simple and inexpensive

The SOT Market Researcher is a new online service for efficiently carrying out market research and lead generation. We have tried to make things simpler and easier to use while still providing a lot of flexibility and functionality for a low price.


The SOT Market Researcher allows you to carry out market research and lead generation in an intelligent manner. The tool allows you to search for companies, contact persons and contact information and uses smart algorithms to determine these.
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